GI2000 : Why do we need a European Geographic Information policy?

CoastGIS'99 : géomatique et environnement littoral (Brest, 9-11 septembre 1999)

CoastGIS '99 : geomatics and coastal environmental

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GERE SA, 35 rue J.F. Kennedy, 7327 Steinsel, Luxembourg

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The paper aims at presenting the role of the European Commission in the GI market, and to explain why we need a geographic information policy at European level. The European Commission has three main roles: - a stimulation role, through stimulation, research and development programmes, such as Info2000, 5th Framework Programme; - it is a market actor, making use of geographic information to plan and manage European policies: environment, transport, agriculture, fisheries, etc.; - it has a political role, defining rules and regulations. It tries to organize the market, creating favourable conditions for a sustainable market growth. The main political initiatives are the Green Paper on access to public data and GI2000, which proposes to develop the European Geographic Information Infrastructure (EGII) and to set up a political leadership with the creation of a High Level Working Party, working with a strong political mandate from each member State. GI2000 is needed to support the integration of geographic information into the information society, making geographic information common place. The article presents some examples, illustrating the cost of not having a European geographic information infrastructure, and presents the main guidelines to create one.

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CoastGIS '99. Colloque, Brest, France, 1999-09-09, Actes de colloques - IFREMER, issn : 0761-3962, 2000, n°. 25, p. 43-54, Collation : Illustration ; Tableau

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isbn : 2-84433-036-3

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Pays édition : France, Plouzané, Institut français de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer

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