City shrinking as a challenge for new EU-member states - learning from the Eastern German experience

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Although contemporary urban development concentrates on the idea of growth, in Eastern and Central Europe, due to accelerated declining and aging population, different principles and goals for urban planning should be adapted. The paper presents the case of Eastern Germany where dramatic decline of towns, commonly known as shrinking, is highly pronounced. It might be assumed that certain that certain processes like intensive out-migration despite large scale of investments known from Eastern Germany will similarly take place in Poland. As a matter of fact, there are already signs of the demographic decline of Polish towns as in the case of Upper Silesian Agglomeration. Therefore, it is important to analyse the development of the eastern germany and draw conclusions for other post socialist countries.

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Article de périodique

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Europa XXI, issn : 1429-7132, 2007, n°. 16, p. 31-38, nombre de pages : 8, Références bibliographiques : 26 ref.

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