Whispers at the pagoda. Portraits of modern Burma

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The American A. is a former journalist. She discovers this little known country through a series of encounters with Burmese people, willing to tell their stories. The work is divided in four parts. Part 1 : Echoes of 1988, the most political section of the book tells the stories of people whose lives were permanently altered by the democracy movement crushed by the military. Part 2 : Traditions, focus on the rich cultural aspects of life in Burma, especially the pervasive influence of Buddhism on daily life. Part 3 : Today's struggles includes view of the military, forced labour, ethnic minority fleeing repression in remote border areas and doctors seeking to provide health care in a country that has one of the world's fastest growing rates of AIDS. Part 4 : Voices of Tomorrow includes view of the younger generation and discussion on the growing chinese influence. - (GL)

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Collection Asian portraits, 1999, nombre de pages : 150, Collation : Illustration

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isbn : 974-8304-36-1

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Pays édition : Thailande, Bangkok, Orchid Press

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