The maximum Ice Age (LGM) glaciation of the Central- and South Karakorum : an investigation of the heights of its glacier levels and ice thickness as well as lowest prehistoric ice margin positions in the Hindukush, Himalaya and in East-Tibet on the Minya Konka-massif

Tibet and High Asia (VI) : glaciogeomorphology and prehistoric glaciation in the Karakorum and Himalaya

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This treatise is the regional continuation of a detailed and spatially extensive reconstruction of the Ice-Age glaciation in High-Asia. The field observations introduced here in part confirm the results as to the Ice Age glacier surface area of Lydekker, Oestreich and Dainelli, but go beyond it. In addition, a reconstruction of the surface level of this ice stream network and its glacier thicknesses up to the highest regions of the present-day Karakorum valley glaciers has been carried out for the first time and the results are presented and discussed here.

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Article de monographie

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GeoJournal, issn : 0343-2521, 2001, 54, n° 2-4 ; 55, n° 1, p. 109-396, nombre de pages : 288, Collation : Illustration, Références bibliographiques : 4 p.

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Heidelberg, Springer

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