Friedensgeographie. Konzeption - Projekte - Perspektiven

Géographie de la paix. Conception - Projets - Perspectives

Slovenska politična geografija in podeželje na razpotju

Géographie politique et espace rural en Slovénie à la croisée des chemins

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Friedensgeographie is not the pacifist but ethical turn in geography. FG is a normative approach of integrating freedom, human rights and Maintenance of environmental standings. Geographic Peace Studies (GPS) will initial a new research program in Ethics of Geography. Geographic peace studies are contradicting death of man both in modern anthropology and reflexive discourse of applied social geography. Integrative geographic peace studies are countering death of space and lack of application within theory of structuration and everyday-regionalization in geography. - (IKR)

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Article de monographie

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Dela - Oddelek za geografijo filozofske Fakultete Univerze v Ljubljani, issn : 0354-0596, 2006, n°. 25, p. 173-192, nombre de pages : 20, Références bibliographiques : 58 ref.

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Pays édition : Slovenie

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