From drawing cognitive maps to knowing the protection zones for drinking water resources

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Using a sample of 900 persons from the urban area of Ljubljansko polje and the suburban area of Iški vršaj, we tried to determine how much local residents knew about the protection zones for drinking water resources. We employed a survey questionnaire and the drawing of cognitive maps. A little fewer than half of the people are aware they live in water protection zones. The proportions of those who are aware of the protection zones in Ljubljansko polje (two fifths) and in Iški vršaj (two thirds) differ considerably. Only 280 persons, just under one third of those surveyed, drew the boundaries of the protection zones on the attached map. In Ljubljansko polje, the greatest concentration of drawn protection zones was a little north of the oldest and largest pumping station at Kleče. The second largest condensation occured in Iški vršaj in the immediate vicinity of the Brest pumping station. - (IKR)

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Article de périodique

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Acta geographica Slovenica, issn : 1581-6613, 2006, vol. 46, n°. 1, p. 7-31, nombre de pages : 25, Collation : Illustration, Références bibliographiques : 21 ref.

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