Gut situiert : Bankwatch-NGOs in Washington, D.C.

Bien situés : les ONGs Bankwatch à Washington

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Washington shows a striking concentration of bankwatch-NGOs that are focused on the policies of the World Bank and other international financial institutions. Beyond their sheer spatial proximity to power this is also due to their position at the intersection of various local and translocal and knowledge flows. The place-specific context in which the everyday activities of the NGOs are embedded is conceived as a particular socio-spatial opportunity structure. The latter is primarily based on the eminent opportunities of the Washington-based NGOs to access and control specific power resources. The thesis interprets the American capital as the spatial aggregation of power relations between NGOs, nation state and World Bank, thereby integrating structure and agency. By focusing on the spacial interactions in the face-to-face-society of the Washington context, the everyday struggles for (counter-) hegemony can be analyzed from a decidedly geographic perspective. - (IFL)

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Fascicule thématique

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Collection Kölner geographische Arbeiten, 2005, vol. 86, nombre de pages : 197, Collation : Illustration, Références bibliographiques : 15 p.

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Köln, Geographische Institut der Universität

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