A preliminary study on river hydrology of karstic region in Eastern Yunnan and Western Guangxi.

Auteurs :
TANG, Qi-cheng
LUAN, Lu-kai

Description :
Hydrological data from 22 karstic catchments, each under 3 000 km in area, are compared with those of non-karstic catchments. Such comparisons provide values of annual lost runoff, supply intensity by groundwater and other coefficients. A water balance equation for karstic catchment is derived for estimating annual evapotranspiration ot the study area. (TNC).

Type de document :
Article de périodique

Source :
Acta geographica sinica Beijing, 1983, vol. 38, n°. 4, p. 372-381, Références bibliographiques : 9 réf.

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