(Assessing the feasibility of water transfer from the South to the North by the Eastern route through historical records of drought).

Auteurs :
YANG, Mei-Li

Description :
Records of the occurrence of drought for the last 500 years in the three respective regions of water transferring, water exporting and water receiving schemes are analysed. Drought disasters occur simultaneously in 12 years out of every 100 in all the three regions and of these 3 are severe droughts. There are also records of successive dry years of two to six years on a stretch These phenomena cast doubts on the feasibility of the proposed water transfer and special consideration for them is needed in the planning.-(TNC)

Type de document :
Article de périodique

Source :
Scientia geographica sinica Changchun, Jilin, 1984, vol. 4, n°. 1, p. 69-75

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