Some inferences of the climatic changes in the Shanghai-Hangzhou region during the past 10,000 years based on spore and pollen analysis.

Auteurs :
WANG, Kai-fa
ZHANG, Yu-lan

Description :
The analysis suggests that since the Holocene there had been 5 periods when the temperature was below the present with 4 periods of relatively high temperature. The five cold periods occurred 10,300-9,500| 9,500-7,500| 4000| 3000| and 2,000-1,650 years before the present with warm periods inbetween. Temperature varied between 3 of present average and precipitation during the warm periods may be 200-600 mm higher than at present. (TNC).

Type de document :
Article de périodique

Source :
Historical geography Shangai, 1981, n°. 1, p. 126-131

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