The Loess Plateau and the changes in the distribution of its agricultural, forestry and pastoral areas.

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SHI, Nian-hai

Description :
Historical records and place names, especially those of the Tang and Song dynasties, suggest that the areas of flat surfaces, marshes and lakes are much more extensive, and dissected and gullied areas are much smaller than they are at present in the Loess region. Under a more humid climate, forests and grassland were widely distributed. Three phases of intensive development of arable farming occurred in the Warring States, the Sui-Tang dynasties, and the Ming-Qing dynasties with reversions to pastoral activities in between. These corresponded to alternate periods of severe and light soil erosion. Such historical experience suggests the appropriate land use for soil conservation. (TNC).

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Article de périodique

Source :
Historical geography Shangai, 1981, n°. 1, p. 21-33

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