The historical progress of the evolution of lake Tung-ting.

Auteur :
ZHANG, Xiu-gui

Description :
Examination of historical records, geological and archaeological literature, and satellite photographs provides an evolutionary picture of Tung-ting lake outlined with the aid of 7 maps in series. Variations in the water surface area, ascribed to uplifts and down warping, are traced through the incipient stages, the neolithic and historic dynasties. Accelerated silting since the 19th century causes reduction in the size of the lake to about half its maximum. The extent of silting in the last 30 years matches that in the entire history of the lake before 1950. (TNC).

Type de document :
Article de périodique

Source :
Historical geography Shangai, 1981, n°. 1, p. 99-116

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