Grands barrages africains et prise en compte des populations locales

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Large scale hydro-electric dams and reservoirs on major African rivers have multiplied in the past twenty years. These often disrupt the ecology of vast regions and sometimes cause enormous displacements of population. Strategies used in national resettlement policies are often authoritarian and modernist in character and seldom respond to the needs and aspirations of people who have been subjected to involuntary evacuation. The A. notes that national policies generally focus exclusively on those populations immediately affected by, for example, the creation of a lake reservoir. Others, e.g., host communities, pastoral nomads, farmers and fishermen who live in the downstream and are, to various degrees, dependent on the river, are often ignored. Their spontaneous reactions to such projects, however, raise serious questions about current strategies for intervention and planning.

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Article de périodique

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L'espace géographique Paris, 1983, vol. 12, n°. 1, p. 46-58, Références bibliographiques : 20 réf.

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