Settlement changes in the Bagamoyo district of Tanzania as a consequence of villagization

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Changes in the distribution, location and grouping of settlement together with the organization structure of the rural areas following the villagization programme carried out in Tanzania in 1973-77 are described and analysed. Prior to villagization about a half of the local population lived in small, scattered habitations, and it was only in the north of the area that fairly large nucleated villages had been preserved as the main mode of settlement. Some drift of population had begun to take place before the implementation of the villagization scheme itself, however. Just as the traditional settlement had favoured the high ground, with its fields in the low-lying areas, so the new settlement spread to the high land, while the depressions were cleared for cultivation. A clear grouping of the inhabitants according to place of origin, tribe and family is observable within the villages.

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Article de périodique

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Fennia Helsinki, 1983, vol. 161, n°. 1, p. 1-90, Références bibliographiques : 64 réf.

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