Sedimentary processes of canadian artic fjords in Sedimentology of fjords.

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SYVITSKI (J. P. M.) ed.,
SKEI (J. M.) ed.,

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Conceptual models of circulation and sedimentation in arctic fjords are presented to illustrate the current understanding of these environments. Circulation is a vigorous process in these fjords and is enhanced by the loss of the fresh water cap during the long winter period of near zero inflow, the process of brine rejection during the formation of sea-ice and the role of glaciers and icebergs injecting fresh water at depth. On the other hand the presence of sea-ice blocks reduces the mixing action of wind which may otherwise represent the largest input of energy to fjord circulation| it also provides a freshwater layer on melting and way in some circumstances damp the amplitude of tides.

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Article de périodique

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Sedimentary geology Amsterdam, 1983, vol. 36, n°. 2-4, p. 147-175, Références bibliographiques : 85 réf.

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