Nekotorye osobennosti issledovanija, ocenki i planirovki territorii nacional'nyh parkov (s ucetom uslovij Lahemaaskogo nacional'nogo parka ESSR). (Some peculiarities of the study, estimation and planning of the territory of a national park (on the basis of the concrete conditions of the Lahemaa national park in the Estonian SSR)

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One of the essential preconditions for working out the prospective trends of development of a national park and for planning the necessary measures for it is the assessment of its territory. Besides its unique features and typical ecosystems the criteria for such estimation should include the variety of its landscape, the degree of preservation of its original natural appearance, the extent of man's influence on its human-ecological condition, its aesthetic appearance, and its resistance to utilization. As a national park should be as natural a territory as possible, one of the objects of its investigation will be the degree of its transformation, the extent to which it has been turned into a cultured landscape. Here the points to be taken into consideration are: the kind of human activity that has brought about the change, the nature of the processes that have been changed, the depth of the change, and the possibility of restoring the former condition (renaturalising) and how long this would take, etc.

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Article de périodique

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Tartu Riikliku Ulikooli Toimetised Tartu, 1982, vol. 563, p. 3-14, Références bibliographiques : 10 réf.

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