Rythmes d'activité et régimes alimentaires de Proechimys cuvieri et d'Oryzomys capito velutinus (Rodentia) en forêt guyanaise

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Both species are strictly nocturnal in their activities, with two activity peaks during the course of the night. In P. cuvieri, males cover twice as much distance per night as females do. In both species male have larger home ranges than females. Proechimys and Oryzomys are mostly frugivorous, the diet varying with the sex of the animal, the season and the forest type. There is a difference in size of the fruits consumed by the two sympatric species, which parallels their difference in body size. The trophic impact of Proechimys cuvieri on the available fruit resource is low, but the animal quite likely plays an important role in seed dispersal.

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Article de périodique

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Revue d'écologie. La terre et la vie Paris, 1982, vol. 36, n°. 3, p. 337-371, Références bibliographiques : 38 réf.

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