Influence of plant physiognomy on leaf temperature on clear midsummer days in the Snowy Mountains, south-eastern Australia

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Leaf temperatures in seven physiognomic groups of plant species and surface temperatures of bare soil were measured at four sites between 940 m and 2,040 m above sea level in the Snowy Mountains of South-Eastern Australia. Maximum leaf-air temperature differences on clear midsummer days reached 7 C in trees, 13 C in shrubs, 21 C in dwarf shrubs, 24 C in rosette plants and grass tussocks, and 30 C in an isolated moss cushion. The largest leaf-air temperature differences in trees occurred at the lowest elevation, whilst the largest differences in the low vegetation were found at the highest elevation. In trees, the altitudinal differences in leaf temperatures were larger than the differences in maximum air temperature, whereas the differences were smaller in the low vegetation. Thus physiognomy has a more pronounced influence on midday leaf temperature than the altitudinal variation of ambient temperature.

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Article de périodique

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Acta oecologica. Série Oecologia plantarum Montreuil, 1983, vol. 4, n°. 2, p. 117-124, Références bibliographiques : 34 réf.

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