Osnovni termini po karstova geomorfologija (kalcitni i ledeni podzemni karstovi formi). (Basic terms in karst geomorphology (calcite and ice-underground karst forms)

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This article follows another one, titled Basic terms on karst geomorphology, published in the Problemi na geografijata quarterly, volume 2, 1980, It is an attempt to classify and characterize the basic terms associated with cave calcite and ice formations. Thirty three terms have been defined related to different kinds of stalactite, stalagmite, columns, rimstone basins, pools and ice formations. Besides in Bulgarian, almost all terms are given in Russian, English, French and German. There is a scheme illustrating the stalactite and stalagmite formation and international spelaeological signs and symbols have been used to map the main calcite forms. (Ed.).

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Article de périodique

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Problemi na geografijata Sofija, 1980, n°. 4, p. 73-80, Références bibliographiques : 6 réf.

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