Osnovni termini po karstova geomorfologija. (Basic terms on karst geomorphology)

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The present work should be regarded as the first attempt to classify and characterize some basic terms on karst geomorphology in Bulgaria. The autors inform briefly about the discussions during the international spelaeological congresses for working out and adoption of universal karst terminology, arbitrary signs and symbols. They mention the most significant publications dealing with this problem. Twenty two basic terms of surface karst together with their thirty three varieties are defined which for the sake of greater clarity fall under two thematic groups: A) Main forms of surface karst| B) Main types of surface karst in Bulgaria. Definitions are given for each term in Bulgarian, Russian, English, French and German. Besides, some widely spread karst forms in our country are called by their local folk names. Part of the karst forms are illustrated by schematic maps. There is a key of twenty four arbitrary signs and symbols for mapping the basic surface karst forms. (Ed.).

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Article de périodique

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Problemi na geografijata Sofija, 1980, n°. 2, p. 32-42, Références bibliographiques : 23 réf.

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