Studies of shores and shore displacement on the southern coast of Kenya especially in Kilifi district

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ASE, L. E.

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The raised terraces and similiar shore elements of Kilifi District, Coast Province, Kenya, between local Datum level and c. 20 m above Datum have been levelled. It was found that the shore elements can be grouped into several different levels, possibly as many as 8. Some of these levels are obviously composed of elements formed at different dates which makes the grouping uncertain. The levels give an indication of higher land uplift in the northern part, e.g. Malindi area, compared to the area south of Kilifi. Unfortunately, there are few indications for the age of the shore elements levels. However, there are some indications of a rather recent age (below about 3000 years) for the lower levels below c. 10-11 m above Datum.

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Article de périodique

Source :
Geografiska annaler Serie A physical geography Stockholm, 1981, vol. 63, n°. 3-4, p. 303-310, Références bibliographiques : 17 réf.

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