Ablation end moraines in western Pomerania, NW Poland

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In this paper, deposits in end moraines of the Pomeranian Phase in Western Pomerania, NW Poland are analyzed. Results of detailed research have shown that these end moraines were formed when the ice front was stable. Conditions that appeared favoured the formation of a supra-glacial ablation till cover on the glacier snout. The process of ablation produced ice-cored moraines. During downwastage of ice cores, the ablation moraines cover was redeposited many times. The process of redeposition is reflected in the preferred orientation of clasts. Since the process of ablation was continuously present during the formation of end moraine ridges, it is proposed to call them ablation end moraines.

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Article de périodique

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Geografiska annaler Serie A physical geography Stockholm, 1981, vol. 63, n°. 3-4, p. 169-174, Références bibliographiques : 30 réf.

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