Neoglacial fluctuations of glaciers, southeastern Ellesmere Island, Canadian Arctic archipelago

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Two new series of radiocarbon age determinations form the basis for this paper. The first series shows that both the outer east coast of Ellesmere Island (north to latitude 7836) and much of Makinson Inlet were free of glacier ice prior to 9000 radiocarbon years ago (dates uncorrected for the apparent age of sea water). The second series of age determinations relates to fluctuations of outlet glaciers during Holocene time. Dates of 5180260 years (GSC-2909) and 2590150 years (GSC-3191) for the bottom and top, respectively, of a massive peat deposit bracket a period during which outlet glacier 7A-45, north of the head of Makinson Inlet, was smaller than it is at present. Data from several sites suggest an advance of glaciers about 1000 years ago, and a second advance, during the last 100 years or so, is recorded at the margins of a number of glaciers draining the ice caps in central and southeastern Ellesmere Island.

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Article de périodique

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Geografiska annaler Serie A physical geography Stockholm, 1981, vol. 63, n°. 3-4, p. 201-218, Références bibliographiques : 27 réf.

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