Homogénéité et stabilité des éléments météorologiques à Uccle (Belgique) in Evolution des atmosphères planétaires et climatologie de la terre=Evolution of planetary atmospheres and climatology of the earth.

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Centre national d'Etudes spatiales. (CNES), France

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The methodology used to emphasize the important anomalies shown by the air-temperature at Uccle (Belgium) and, in particular, the rise relatively to the last century found mainly during the months of the spring and of the autumn is again applied to the series of temperature and rainfall extended until 1977 as well as to the other homogenized series of atmospheric pressure, wind-speed, sunshine duration, relative humidity and vapour pressure. The adjunction of a test for the stability of the dispersion makes apparent anomalies wich had not been detected in our preceeding analysis whilst the use of this methodology to series going back to the beginning of this century allows to restate the question of the evolution of the climate in Belgium since that time.

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Colloque international, 1978, p. 419-426, Références bibliographiques : 12 réf.

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