Spatial differentiation of chemical denudation in the Bystrzanka flysch catchment (West Carpathians)

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Investigations showed that in the region composed of Magura strata the lower concentration of salts are characteristic as compared with waters of the Inoceramus region of Krosno strata. This is reflected too, in the share of particular macroelements. In the water of soils in the region composed of Magura strata less amounts of carbonates, sulphates and calcium were observed while there was more potassium than in the water of soils of the Inoceramus region. In the waters of bedrock of Magura strata the principal components are sulphates and then carbonates. In the both areas average salts concentration in soil waters is lower than in bedrock waters. The quantity of material removed in solution is closely dependant on high water stages. The highest bulk of salts is carried away during spring-summer high water stages. (d'après l'A.).

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Article de périodique

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Studia geomorphologica carpato-balcanica Krakow, 1978, vol. 12, p. 149-162, Références bibliographiques : 21réf.

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