Interpretation of nighttime infrared digital data recorded over Belgium by the heat capacity mapping mission. A. Optical comparison of thermal map-like printouts with soil association and forest maps

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A nighttime (2.13 am on May 30th 1978) thermal infrared (10.5-12.5 micrometer) HCMM CCT was translated into a maplike lineprint by means of the programme NMAPW and EXIO. Pixel location on the topographical map was effected by stepwise adaptation of the line print and the map and of the lineprint and the Landsat multispectral colour composite by means of B and L Zoom Transfer Scope. A good correlation was found between the thermal image and the distribution pattern of major geographical units. Forests, urban areas and wet areas in the Polder landscape were very well recognizable. (l'A.).

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Article de périodique

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Pédologie. Bulletin de la Société belge de pédologie Gand/Gent, 1980, vol. 30, p. 137-151, Références bibliographiques : 6 réf.

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