Nîmes: les transformations de l'espace urbain de Nîmes

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In the early 1960's, for about ten years, a lot of upheavals altered the town of Nîmes. The western part of the city received the greater part of public investments: the wholesale food market of national level, the industrial estate of St Césaire and the ZUP of Pissevin, were the new attractive centers able to collect later development. The opening of a ring-road facilitated the implantation of hyper-markets, the number and size of which clearly indicated that they intended to cater for the whole region. At last the residential areas sprouted up, the great number of new flats revealed how great the hopes of urban development were. But would these structures lead to an increase in urban growth?.

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Article de périodique

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Bulletin de la Société languedocienne de géographie Montpellier, 1979, vol. 13, n°. 2, p. 111-131

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