Plan form and profile form of hillslopes

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For 27hillslope profiles located within four first-order drainage basins on the dip slope of the South Downs in East Sussex, contour curvature (P), measured in degrees per 100m, is highly variable within any one hillslope. Hillslopes may be described as wholly concave in plan where P is less than 40, wholly convex in plan where P is greater than +40 and convexo-concave in plan where P lies between 40 and +40. One mesure of P taken at the profile sampling line is found to give a better estimate of P than measuring P at the steepest point of the hillslope. P is found to be significant by negatively correlated with slope in 38 per cent of cases, correlated with distance from the divide in 55 per cent of cases (positively where P <0 and negatively where P>0) and positively correlated with profile curvature in 70 per cent of cases. Implications of these correlations for hillslope process-response models are discussed. (The A.).

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Article de périodique

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Earth surface processes. A journal of geomorphology London, Adelaïde, 1979, vol. 4, n°. 4, p. 395-402, Références bibliographiques : 8réf.

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