Die Würmeisstände des Aargletschers um Bern und Thun. (The stages of the Würm-glaciation of the Aar-glacier around Berne and Thun)

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In the Würm-glaciation the Aare-glacier in Switzerland at first passed Berne and its vicinity far into the north. Some time later the Rhone-glacier spread into the northwestern part of former Aare-glacier-territory and approximately reached Berne, the melting-waters then passing the valleys East of Berne. At last both glaciers retreated and the Aare-glacier could once more develop its own frontier-part, first around the Altstadt of Berne. Beginning with Würm-maximum the Aare-glacier stopped or readvanced 14 times in front of Thun and 11 times within the Alpes. There may be some parallelism between the history of the Aare-glacier and that of the glacier of the Dora Baltea in northwestern Italy. (l'A.).

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Article de périodique

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Heidelberger geographische Arbeiten Heidelberg, 1979, n°. 49, p. 10-34, Références bibliographiques : 22 réf.

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