Die Trockengebiete der Erde als Lebensraum des Menschen (Arid regions of the earth as lebensraum of the man)

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More than 1/3 of the land surface of the earth is classified as arid and houses ca.60 million people. Due to the increasing population, the areas available for the production of subsistence goods are becoming smaller. An increase in agricultural productivity and the opening of new areas, which up until now have been peripheral and which can only be extensively cultivated, are of most urgent importance. This is emphasised by the fact that traditional land-use systems have often led to the repeated destruction of the sensitive eco-systems and that extensive desertification threatens the basis existence of the inhabitants. Development planning and measures to maintain the natural equilibrum plus the simultaneous use of the natural potential can only be attempted when the geo-ecological effects on the arid eco-system are known. (l'A.).

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Article de périodique

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Tübinger geographische Studien Tübingen, 1980, n°. 80, p. 23-39, Références bibliographiques : 29 réf.

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