Das Weidepotential der tockenen Tropen, ermittelt mit Hilfe dynamischer Systemsimulation. (The carrying capacity of grazing in the arid tropics, studied by a dynamic computer model)

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On the basis of existing verbal formulated theory, a dynamic computer model is developed to find out the maximum carrying capacity with regard to extensive grazing under arid-tropical conditions. By parsimonious construction, relations to few but important parameters are set up. These are the mean annual precipitation which fixes a stochastic rainfall-generator as a driver, and the water storage capacity of the upper soil. Experiments with various stock densities within the range of these parameters determine the attached optimal grazing potentials. By testing the model, consistency with well known ideas and observed African stock densities can be shown. (l'A.).

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Article de périodique

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Tübinger geographische Studien Tübingen, 1980, n°. 80, p. 303-320, Références bibliographiques : 42 réf.

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