Bergbaubedingte Veränderungen des physischen Nutzungspotentials dargestellt am Beispiel des linksrheinischen Braunkohlreviers. (Changes of the natural potential resulting from mining on the example of the Rhenish Brown Coal Field)

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The purpose of the study is to analyse the changes resulting from the mining of brown coal. The study examines the natural potential of the sample areas before the extraction of the brown coal and after the recultivation, and it evaluates the natural resources in terms of their suitability for agricultural, forestry, and outdoor recreational uses. The results of this evaluation are combined to serve as a basis for classifying the study areas and delineating units of different degrees of suitability for the various forms of land use before the mining and after the recultivation. The following comparison of the original land potential before coal mining with the final land potential after recultivation permits to determine improvements or deteriorations of the land potential differenciated according to the components soil, landform, and local climate. (l'A.).

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Article de périodique

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Bochumer geographische Arbeiten Bochum, 1979, vol. 37, pp. XIV-189, Références bibliographiques : 14 p.

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