Implantations industrielles et aménagement du territoire en Algérie

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The big Algerian effort for industrialization goes with a land management plan. It tries to correct regional disparities and to integrate the agricultural entreprise better or to improve employment. This action has been supporting for ten years but these goals have not yet been reached. The employment structure has been modified but unemployment is far from being resorbed: the employment rate of population has not changed between the two 1966 and 1967 census. Industrial setting up is often hastily choosen and makes the agricultural crisis increase by drawing off lands and men. The incontestable industrial dynamism sets the problem of the connections with the new sub-urban factories and the old town structures. (JPD).

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Article de périodique

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Revue de géographie de Lyon Lyon, 1980, vol. 55, n°. 1, p. 5-37

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