Les émigrants de l'ouest audois dix-neuf ans après: examen des méthodes de collecte et d'analyse

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It is possible to contact people who have emigrated from a rural, area, a considerable time after emigration took place. The procedure is applied in two stages. The first consists of picking up a departure point, since most migrants keep up relations with the population of the district which they have left. In the second stage, migrants who have already been traced are asked to supply the addresses of others. This appears to make it possible to trace nearly all addresses, including the last address of migrants who have died and those of aliens who have returned to their country of origin. This makes possible a particularly valuable retrospective survey. In the majority of cases, departures from a district represent the first move from the district of origin, or a move from the countryside to the town.

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Article de périodique

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Population Paris, 1979, vol. 34, n°. 1, p. 65-89

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