Développement et urbanisation en République populaire de Chine: 3-Lieux de travail, équipements, logements

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Land is wholly nationalized However, there are frequent disputes between local communities and public authorities concerning its use. These differences of opinion are generally settled by discussions between the production units concerned. For industrial firms play a far wider role than in the West, since their managerial powers extend to the dwelling and service sectors. This close association between factory and neighborhood reduces the weight of specialized administrative machinery, attenuates the difference between the work and non-work situations, and increases cooperation. Urban housing therefore depends either on the production units or on a municipal office. But the housing problem is by no means solved yet, since there is a considerable backlog and progress in this sector must follow the rhythm of everall economic progress. The need for massive construction programs has become a dominant theme, especially in the last two years, and industrialization is envisaged. Will China repeat all our mistakes?.

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Article de périodique

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Urbanisme Paris, 1978, n°. 167, esp., Références bibliographiques : 13réf.

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