Appartenance ethnique et comportement des populations de Malaisie et de Singapour

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The populations of Malaysia and Singapore are mainly of Chinese and Malay descent. A study of the development of fertility and infant mortality during the last 20 years reveals the difference in demographic behaviour between these two ethnic groups. The Chinese marry at later ages than the Malays, in the 1950s their fertility exceeded that of the Malays, but the decline in their general fertility rate began earlier, fertility at ages over 30 decreased (though among the Malays this phenomenon is observed only in Singapore and at a later date) and by a lower infant mortality. Environmental differences account for some of this development. Economic and social development is partly responsible for the flatt in fertility and in infant mortality, but has not completely eliminated the differences between these two ethnic groups.

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Article de périodique

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Population Paris, 1978, vol. 33, n°. 4-5, esp.

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