Ur-und Frühgeschichte als Hilfswissenschaft der Geomorphologie im ariden Nordafrika. in Festschrift für Wolfgang Meckelein. (Pre-and Protohistory as aids in geomorphological investigation of the arid regions of North Africa)

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Absolute and relative datings of geomorphological phenomena are frequently only possible if prehistorical evidence is also taken into account. Some forms and structure of the earth's surface which initially prove difficult to interpret turn out to be of human origin. Failure to recognize the human provenance of such features can give rise to misinterpretations and errors in geomorphological research. Prehistoric evidence permits deductions concerning the nature of geomorphological processes. The various ways in which prehistoric man responded to the pressures of his environment shed light on the nature of climate geomorphological changes of landscape during the Quarternary period. (LA).

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Article de périodique

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Stuttgarter geographische Studien Stuttgart, 1979, n°. 93, p. 135-148, Références bibliographiques : 51réf.

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