Verneplan for vassdrag National plan for protecting river basins from power development

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The A. is a member of Kontaktutvalget for vassdragsreguleringer, a committe asked to document which rivers are of physical scientific value and should therefore be protected from power development. In its evaluations, the committe distinguishes between individual rivers and river basins in their totality. As for the rivers, three queries are asked| whether the river is apt for serving as (1) a historical documentation (i.e. contains sedimentations or landforms which will help in interpreting the evolution of the landscape of the area), (2) a dynamic documentation (i.e. demonstrating land-forming processes in progress)| or (3) a classical documentation (i.e. a locality for which written scientific information for years back in time may be produced. The protection of river basins is considered to be of greater importance. They will be classified as to what degree they are (1) typical for the morphology of their region, (2) suitable for references (comparing the evolution of harnessed with untouched basins)| (3) possess unique qualities. The importance of applying geomorphological methods in the evaluation of cases is emphasized. (E. Jahn).

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Article de périodique

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Norsk geografisk Tidsskrift, 1977, vol. 31, n°. 4, p. 149-162

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