Die Ausweitung des Maisanbaus in Oberschwaben. Ursachen, Auswirkungen, Aussichten The spread of maize cultivation in Oberschwaben. Causes, effects, prospects

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During the last 15 years the per-acre area on which maize has been grown in Oberschwaben has increased from 428 ha (hectares) in 1960 to 17680 ha in 1974. A comparaison of two neighbouring villages has shown that farmers who are younger and better trained on larger farms and who are breeding a greater number of cattle in modernized cowsheds grow more maize. In this region as well as in the Allgäu around Wangen the spread of maize cultivation in terms of the principles of an innovation process were clearly observable. While the figures for per-hectare cultivation of maize to be used as grain have slightly decreased since 1971, it is to be expected that the perhectare area of maize for storage in silos will increase during the next years. (HSC).

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Article de périodique

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Stuttgarter geographische Studien, 1976, vol. 90, p. 215-235

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