Moglichkeiten und Grenzen der Landbewirtschaftung in dem agraren Problemgebiet des Mittel-und Südschwarzwaldes Chances and limitations in agriculture in the middle and southern Black Forest problem regions

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Within the middle and southern Black Forest areas agriculture can hardly be carried out on a profitable basis because of the region's. Many impeding conditions. The introduction of new forms of farm management and cultivation which are profitable even under more difficult productivity conditions and guarantee an optimally cultivated and open-kept scenery can only prove to be succesful if the majority of farmers abandon their traditionally comprehensive farming habits and practices in this area, where for a minority of farmers cultivation even today is still self-supply orientated. Practicable solutions might be the following: Specialization in dairy cattle farming in cooperation with heifer breeding plants. Extensive cattle bredding with or without heifer raising| and finally sheep breeding and raising which has proved to be specially suited for the grazing of mountainous and poor-profit sites. (HSC).

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Article de périodique

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Stuttgarter geographische Studien, 1976, vol. 90, p. 163-188

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