Verandering en continuiteit. Een studie over de dynamiek in en van de ruimtelijke organisatie van de bedrijvigheid met speciale aandacht voor het stelsel van melkverwerking in het ruraal-urbaan spanningsveld in Nederland Change and continuity. A study concerning the dynamics in and of the spatial organisation of the economic activities with special reference to the system of milk processing in the rural-urban tension field in the Netherlands

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Of the current theories concerning location and spatial organisation of primary, secondary and tertiary economic activities, none offers a satisfactory solution for the problem of change and continuity. Therefore this study aims at providing answers to the following two sets of questions: What are nature and extent of the processes that bring about change and continuity in the spatial organisation. 2. What are nature and extent of the processes that control the mutual relation between change and continuity. The Dutch dairy industry has been selected as the concrete research theme. (AGD).

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