Raümliche Auswirkungen der Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologien Impact spatial des technologies de l'information et de la communication

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The development of complex automated information and communication systems, one of the most important processes of the present era of scientific-technical revolution, is of increasing interest for geographers and territorial scientists of numerous countries. Resulting from the analysis of international literature a systematizised evaluation of possible spatial effects of new technologies is carried out. The centre of considerations deals with the tendency of deminished site adhesion of enterprises and establishments by means of these technologies. The author goes into detail with the during the last years often discussed aspects : tele-communication and its effects on volume and structure of traffic.

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Article de périodique

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Petermanns geographische Mitteilungen, issn : 0031-6229, 1988, vol. 132, n°. 2, p. 81-91, Références bibliographiques : 46 réf.

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Pays édition : Allemagne, Gotha, [S.n.]

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